Podcast for Animals Lovers

Listening to a good podcast can make ordinary tasks more enjoyable and make long hours behind a driving wheel more bearable. Whether you are a politics junkie, need some business advise, enjoy a good crime mystery — there is a podcast out there just for you.

Even animals lovers can find a podcast to their liking. There is a plethora of topics including history, science, mystery and more. Sometimes it may take a little luck to stumble upon just the right one. Below are some to get you started. If you find one that you think other like-minded folks would like, contact us. Enjoy!

New to podcasts? Check out this guide, provided by Criminal, a podcast about crime.

Last Updated 3/14/2017


Listen to the history guys tell the story of “…the history of human-animal interaction, and try to figure out how our lives have been shaped by the animals whose lives we control.” In the episode “Pet Friendly: A History of Domestic Animals,” BackStory tells of “… the contributions made by pigs in the colonization of America itself, to the lethal justice carried out on circus elephants centuries later, the Guys and their guests explore what our relationships with animals have meant and continue to mean, and whether they serve as some sort of practice field for our relationships with each other.”


In it’s first episode, “Animal Instincts,” Criminal tells the true life story of a woman found dead in a pool of her own blood. Although her husband was convicted of her murder, a curious neighbor had a different theory…

In an episode called “Tiger,” Criminal visits “…Louisiana to see a 550-pound Siberian-Bengal tiger who lives at a truck stop, and the man who’s fought very hard to persuade Louisiana lawmakers he’s not a criminal.”

The episode “Officer Talon” tells the story of Corporal Scott Foster of the Hillsborough, NC Police Department and his K-9 partner Talon. “…But when Talon was injured on the job and had to retire early, Corporal Foster was paired with a new dog and life got a lot more complicated.”


In an episode of RADIOLAB titled “Animal Minds,” it’s about cross-species communication. “… We get the story of a rescued whale that may have found a way to say thanks, ask whether dogs feel guilt, and wonder if a successful predator may have fallen in love with a photographer.”


Do you love watching and learning about wild birds? Ray Brown certainly does! Talkin’ Birds started back in 2006 and has broadcast over 600 episodes. It’s a “…live and interactive radio show about wild birds and the beauty of nature—attracting birds to your backyard, feeding them, and learning more about them. We feature expert guests and contests for prizes like bird feeders and other bird-related items each week.” Also, follow this show on Facebook.


“We human beings think we run the world, that we’ve got things under control. And then an animal shows up, and things don’t go as planned.” In an episode called “When the Beasts Come Marching In,” This American Life tells the story of “…seals, wolves and a moose drop in and show us who isn’t boss.”


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