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Five Guinea Pigs

The Language of Guinea Pigs

One of the most distinctive and readily apparent traits of the guinea pig is its wide array of vocalizations. The cry of “wheek! wheek!” prompted by the rustling of a bag of salad greens is a familiar sound to most guinea pig …
Grey Chinchilla

Feeding the Pet Chinchilla

The chinchilla is a medium-sized rodent whose original habitat included the semi-arid, rocky slopes of the Andes in present day Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.  Chinchillas are known for their thick lustrous fur coat, which enables them to thrive at the cooler …
Rat in Hand

Man’s New Best Friend?

How many of us have a pet that comes when their name is called (usually), rolls on its back to have its belly rubbed, is intelligent and playful and licks our face to show affection? Those of us who own a dog …